Lady May

Afro Pop Artist

Lady May, born Martha Namundjebo, started to sing from the age of six, but it was during her teenage years that she knew that music performing was her calling and her purpose in life. In 2004 she won the award for Best Female Artist in the NBC Sanlam Music Awards with her first single Lady 4 Life. In 2005 Lady May released her first album 'Kamaali', which is the Oshiwambo term for 'Little Martha'. That same year she was nominated in the Namibian Music Awards and the NBC Sanlam Music Awards. In 2006 she released her second Album 'Come And Get Me'. In 2006 she was nominated again for both Namibian and Sanlam awards and in 2007 she got the nomination for Artist Of The Year at the Sanlam Music Awards.

Lady May is inspired by life around her, by people and by events. Her music reflects the joys people share in life that are often forgotten. She lost her parents at an early age so was not able to get to know them well, therefore her grandmother is instrumental in the person she is today. She has been inspired by strong women and strives to empower young and old alike through her unique and individual style and musical concept