Namibian Hip Hop Artist

Jericho/J-Twizzle was born on 21 May 1980 real name Jericho Jerome Gawanab in Windhoek Namibia to a Damara/Nama mother and Cuban father, he was single handedly raised by his mother and had a difficult up bringing from a poor back ground and as a result had to face trails and obstacles in the streets of the Kadudura neighborhood. The big man himself, Jericho, is a down to earth, easy going, modest and charming person.

He mastered his art in prison and upon being released, Jericho chased his dream, with the full support and assistance from his family, which resulted in him releasing his debut album "Check who's back" which took the Namibian music industry by storm and gave birth to Namibian hip hop and catapulted him into the spotlight and won him numerous awards. He overcame many personal trials and obstacles to quickly become an in-demand artist on the local scene, performing alongside major international acts on tour such as Brain Adams, UB40, Jozi, JR, L'vovo Derango, Teargas, Physo/Ajax Generations soapy actor, Hip Hop Panstula, Casper, Kay-Gee and Biblos. He wows audiences and crowds with his silky smooth deep damara/Nama accent voice and traditional inspired songs