Big Ben

Oviritje Artist

Big Ben is one of the most respectable musicians in Namibia and sings Afro-Pop, Fusion and Traditional Music. He has performed his music with live bands using modern and traditional instruments throughout his carreer.

Having won awards in Namibia as Best Live Performer, his music provides thumping African Drums and Bass, and is sung in the ethnic language of Otjiherero. Big Ben's hot music here is very rythmic and great for parties for all ages. Simply stated, his music is the very best of Afro-Pop from Namibia. The gentleman has so far released four albums namely Dont Bother (2001), Ouje Imbui (2003), Untittled (2007), Moro Moro (20008). In addition he is a producer and has produced songs and albums for various musicians including, Matongo Family, Tequila, Skelly, Uno Boy and many more.